In Australia we call a hearth the piece of non-combustable material that sits under a freestanding heater or at the front of an inbuilt heater to protect the timber or carpet floor. There are many styles available including stone of various types, glass hearths, tile and slate hearths. Apart from the obvious safety aspects, a hearth adds the asthetic edge and so many modern gas heaters are installed with a floor or floating hearth even when there is no requirement to do so. All woodheaters do require a hearth when the floor is a combustible material.

You can build your own hearth out of brick or tiles if you're handy but if you would rather have us design a hearth to your requirements then give us a call or email with your details and ideas.

As there can be changes in materials from time to time (slate colour, stone availability etc) it is always best to check with us as to availability.

hearth stitch

The word 'hearth' has different meanings in different countries but here in Australia we refer to the protective, non combustible surface on which we place a slow combustion wood heater or the front floor section of an open fire. A fireplace hearth is required if you are installing a wood heater on a timber or carpet floor. Most gas heaters do not require a hearth but you may want to use one anyway. We will have a new selection of glass hearths soon!


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  Slate hearths are available in two styles charcoal and multi coloured. The multi coloured or Autumn Sunset can vary a little so if you live close to us you may want to pick one out ...
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  Glass hearths are a minimum 12mm thick and only safety glass is used. Straight wall, corner and tear drop shapes are available. These glass hearths look great over a nice timber floor but ...
  Stone Hearths are available in granite, travertine, sandstone and marble. They can be polished or mat and straight cut or bevelled. Stone always adds a touch of class to any fireplace and ...

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