All gas fires should be installed by an accredited tradesman in accordance with local codes if any or to ANSI Z223.1 – 1992 and NFPA 54(88) and the requirements listed in the owners manual. All wood heater installations should be carried out by a licensed tradesman in accordance with AS 2918.

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Ortal Single Sided Gas Fireplace Range

Please contact one of our stores for more information.  Price is varying on size and design.


Nothing quite matches the atmosphere a fire brings to a room.  Ortal’s range of single-sided gas fireplaces do so in style, with perfectly detailed design and technology that’s built to last. Featuring the most natural looking flames, leading technology and safety features and the most versatile installation options, each Ortal gas fireplace is an interior designer’s dream.

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  • Power vent system option
  • Flue in any direction up to 36m
  • Cool wall technology
  • Safe double glazing design
  • 17 sizes available: Clear 75, Clear 110, Clear 110H, Clear 130, Clear 130H, Clear 150, Clear 150H, Clear 170, Clear 170H, Clear 200, Clear 200H, Clear 250, Clear 250H, Clear 60 x 80, Clear 75 x 65, Trad 90, Trad 110
  • Made in Israel