All gas fires should be installed by an accredited tradesman in accordance with local codes if any or to ANSI Z223.1 – 1992 and NFPA 54(88) and the requirements listed in the owners manual. All wood heater installations should be carried out by a licensed tradesman in accordance with AS 2918.

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Herschel Select White 540W Heating Panel with aluminium frame

From $599.00

The SELECT WHITE range offers true affordable value, ideal for applications that require a lower cost solution but with all the benefits of Far Infrared heating. The SELECT WHITE Far Infrared heater has a white frame. The heater is available in 3 different sizes, can be wall or ceiling mounted (making it ideal for passageways and office ceilings). The SELECT WHITE is lightweight and the HS350-W and HS700-W are also ideal for use in office ceiling grids. The Select panels are specifically designed to be maintenance free and to last for many years. For this reason, and to enable accurate temperature control and efficiency, the panels do not have any in-built controls and must be used in conjunction with Herschel iQ controls or equivalent. This will also ensure full compliance with European energy saving regulation (ERP Lot 20).


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Power Rate: 540W

Heated area: 9-12m2

The heated areas are an indicative guide only. The actual heated area will depend on the heat loss of the room which is influenced by many factors including construction type, external walls, window area and insulation levels.

Wall or ceiling mounted

For ceiling mounting, use suitable fixings or connect to ceiling joist to secure heaters safely

Dimensions: W 600mm x H 900mm x D 25mm.

No Light Emission

Made in Germany