Hydronic heating

The most wonderful silent draught free winter warmth. Features include the ability to close off rooms without depriving the occupant of the heating so essential on those cold winter days. You can also regulate the temperature in different rooms or zones of your home or office area. With the Introduction of the "Dynamic Series" Hydronic Heating Boilers to our already extensive range of "Thermalux" Hydronic Cooking Stoves, Wise Living Products now offer one of the most comprehensive and varied range of solid fuel, slow combustion hot water heating appliances. A commitment to the use of a Natural Renewable Energy source that mankind has enjoyed and relied on since the beginning of time, gives the homeowner and smaller commercial user, an affordable alternative for their central heating needs.

dynamic 2500The smallest Boiler in the range. This dedicated Boiler can be installed as a stand alone Boiler to heat up to 200 square metres (20 House Squares) or as an "add-on" to a Thermalux cooker to provide additional heating.

The Dynamic 2500 is a very compact, competitively priced unit which because of its size may require refuelling more frequently to achieve the best results. This unit can also be successfully installed in a Laundry area, turning it into a perfect drying room.

dynamic 3500The Dynamic 3500 is recommended for heating areas up to 300 square mts (30 House Squares). A versatile dedicated hydronic heating boiler with cleverly designed waterways and smoke paths to gain the maximum heating from its compact size. Its design allows the boiler to be heated on all sides to give max efficiency and heat output. With its clean lines and a glass door , the unit is perfectly suited for the living area of any home where it can provide space heating to the room in which it is located, as well as central heating to the rest of the house.

Currently the largest in the dynamic boiler range, the Belvedere incorporates some innovative changes to boiler design and operation.

This boiler will provide up to 5OkW of heat. The Belvedere has a large symmetrical firebox which will continue to give high output temperatures with extended times between refuelling. Although primarily designed for installation in a plant room, it can also be installed in a living room and a glass door is available on request for an additional cost.

belvedere 5000The Belvedere is the best choice for in-floor slab heating as its high output, spacious firebox and considerable water jacket capacity, enables the initial temperature rise required for in-slab heating. The Belvedere comes standard with both manual and automatic air-flat control, self closing draught diverter, and temperature sensor.

The Belvedere is available as a "Bare" unit where the installer provides the pump and controller at time of installation or "Fully Plumbed" with integrated pump and easily accessible and adjustable Thermostatic control. In this format only the flue and flow and return pipes need to be connected.


All Dynamic Boilers come standard with a grate and self scooping ashpan, separate firebox and ashpan door, separate damper and air controls (automatic and manual control on The Belvedere 5000) and all use a standard 150mm (6") flue assembly.

All Dynamic Boilers contain mild steel waterways and require the addition of a water conditioner. We recommend the addition of "Thermablend" long life boiler conditioner and corrosion inhibitor to maintain the system in optimum working condition. If connecting a Dynamic Boiler to a domestic hot water service, a heat exchange system must be used. For additional information on your central heating requirements contact AbbeyFireplaces direct.

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radiators 1Solar-Mio - Thermalux can supply an elegantly simple towel rail that can assist in providing warm dry towels even on those wet winter days.

radiators 2These can be integrated as part of a larger central heating system or a simple stand alone addition.

Copper radiators can be mounted in the traditional vertical orientation or horizontally to solve difficult installation situations or to suit a contemporary wall space. Radiators and towel rails come standard in a warm white finish.

All towel rails and horizontal fin radiators are 800mm wide with height options of 500mm, 1000mm and 1500mm. Vertical fin radiators are all 800mm high and come in 500mm, 1000mm or 1500mm wide. Special sizes and colours are available on request.

Custom built boilers are available. Contact us for details.


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Hot water systems are available using slow combustion wood heaters, Thermalux cookers or the Metal Dynamics boilers listed above. For more on the cookers / water heaters click here. For any open pressure gravity fed hot water system you will need a water tank. Contact us for a complete system quote.

Standard and Custom Built Header Tanks

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Manufactured from long life copper, custom built header tanks
are available in a large range of sizes.

Hydronic heating

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