Eureka wood heaters have long been recognised as innovators when it comes to home heating. The range is large so there is bound to be a Eureka wood heater to suit your needs. From the adaptable and tough Nugget to the huge double door Duet, Eureka's attention to detail is evident. A zero clearance box is available for all Eureka inbuilt wood heaters.

Eureka wood heater range

Eureka wood heating was first established in the late 80's with the Sovereign and Crown freestanding and inbuilt wood heaters, which featured patented secondary and tertiary air with heat exchangers fitted to the fireboxes. Over the years Eureka has developed an extensive range of wood heaters of different shapes and styles, and has established its market leadership with the release of their "bay-window" wood heaters in 1996. Since then Eureka has continued to develop, innovate and refine their range of wood and gas heaters so that today they present the largest range of heaters available from one company.