The Heatmaster wood fireplace range consists of two main types, insulated ( 'A' series ) and uninsulated ( 'B' series ). There are four firebox sizes in both catagories ranging from the 450 to the 900. The Z 1200 is also available as special order. If you are installing into an existing fireplace or if you are using a full masonry enclosure, then the Heatmaster uninsulated 'B' series is for you. If you would rather 'box' the whole affair inside a timber framed, villaboard lined enclosure or cabinetry, you can using the insulated Heatmaster 'A' series fireboxes. This is called a zero clearance installation and can save a lot of expense and time in construction. The design possibilities are endless from traditional to modern and in record time it will look like your new fireplace was always meant to be there.

Heatmaster wood heater range 

* Fully Australian made.
* Winner Australian design award.
* 6mm thick steel firebox.
* No gather required.
* Larger heat exchange area.
* Superior convection heat output.
* Four firebox sizes available.
* Insulated units for timber installation.


Heatmaster wood heater collection

Heatmaster open wood fireplace

Heatmaster open fireplaces are the leaders in convective fireplace technology and are the only open style fireboxes to win an Australian Design Award.

They won this prestigous award by setting the standards in efficiency and flexibility of installation. The firebox design allows for superior convection as all surfaces are used to gather and disperse the heat into the room where you want it.

The flue system can run straight off the top of the firebox without the need of a gather which makes installation so much easier and cheaper. Other open fireboxes that require a gather are often installed without them seriously compromising the performance of the fire not to mention installation standards.

Heatmaster also make their fireboxes available in an insulated model - the 'A' series (pictured left) allowing ultimate installation and design flexibility