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Lopi (pronounced, low-pie) has been Americas favorite choice in wood heaters for over forty years. Their reputation for solid craftsmanship, reliable service and unbeatable heating efficiency is reflected in the seven year warranty that covers all Lopi wood heaters. Lopi wood heaters are EPA certified and reduce pollutants by over 95%. Only Lopi wood heaters include five-sided convection chambers as a standard feature and are the only non-catalytic wood heaters to feature a standard bypass damper for smokeless startup and reloading. With heavy guage steel construction, solid airtight doors and commercial grade firebrick, Lopi wood heaters are built to last a lifetime.

Lopi wood heater collection

Hi-Tech Technology - Tried and trusted technology that means Lopi wood stoves burn cleanly and heat large areas for longer with the combination of primary and secondary combustion. Lopi Models Include:• Republic 1250 Freestanding• Republic 1750 Freestanding• Republic 1750 Inbuilt.

NexGen-Fyre™ Technology - NexGen-Fyre™ takes our non-catalytic wood burning technology to the next level! With NexGen-Fyre™primary and secondary combustion are harnessed to create the ultimate blended combustion system. This produces beautiful, balanced fires with double the BTU range, up to 50% greater heat output, and longer burn times than any other non-catalytic technology. Lopi Models Include:• Evergreen 2020 Freestanding• Endeavor 2020 Freestanding• Liberty 2020 Freestanding.

Hybrid-Fyre® Technology - Hybrid-Fyre® is one of the most efficient wood burning technologies in the world! This patented, award winning technology highlights the strengths of both catalytic and NexGen-Fyre™ (non-catalytic) technologies to create an advanced combustion system that burns less wood to generate the greatest heat output. Lopi Models Include:• Rockport Freestanding• Cape Cod Freestanding• Answer 2020 Freestanding• Answer 2020 Inbuilt• Flush Wood Medium Inbuilt• Flush Wood Large Inbuilt.

Lopi freestanding wood heater models

  LOPI ENDEAVOR 2020 FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER.   The new 2020 Lopi Endeavor is a beautiful workhorse that unites form and function into an unbeatable heat transfer system. This new...

  LOPI LIBERTY 2020 FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER.  The Liberty 2020 is a large stove made for heating large homes and living spaces. At only 1.3 grams of emissions per hour, it is one of...

  LOPI EVERGREEN FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER.     The mid-sized Evergreen 2020 wood stove with its gentle curved lines complements any home’s decor while artfully presenting heavy...

  LOPI ANSWER FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER  The Lopi Answer uses a five sided convection chamber to distribute heat evenly throughout your home and is approved for use in mobile homes. It...

  LOPI ROCKPORT FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER.     The Lopi Rockport combines cast iron beauty with optimum heat performance and solid construction to bring you the perfect mid...

Lopi inbuilt wood heater models

  LOPI ANSWER INBUILT WOOD HEATER. The Answer 2020 Inbuilt is a great size for small existing fireplaces. It’s size belies its incredible heating capacity. The Answer Inbuilt uses a...

  LOPI FLUSHWOOD LARGE HYBRID FYRE.   The Flush Wood Large Hybrid-Fyre™ fireplace insert features the exclusive clean burning Hybrid-Fyre™ Technology. Hybrid-Fyre™ Technology is a...

  LOPI FLUSHWOOD MEDIUM INSERT WOOD HEATER.   The Lopi Flush Wood Insert features emissions of only 1.5 g/Kg making this insert one of the cleanest burning wood inserts on the market....

Lopi Options and Features


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