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Pyroclassic wood heater

Pyroclassic wood heaters.

The Pyroclassic IV wood fire is quite simply the best way of heating your home
with up to 15kW of both radiant and convection heating directly into your home.

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Fundamentally, the Pyroclassic IV is a heat store, a very, very good one. 
With over 40kgs of ceramic heat storage capacity it has the ability to recover masses of excess heat generated by a hot, bright fire inside its thick cylindrical fire chamber, it is this heat storage capacity that gives the Pyroclassic IV its ability to release heat into your home all night, every night even in the centre of town.

Pyroclassic wood heater.

From all available independent tests, reports and reviews the Pyroclassic IV is consistently chosen as the number 1 top performer, it will provide you with up to 15kW of both radiant and convection heating directly into your home which is more than enough for homes up to 200-250m2 or 2500 sq feet, it can supply enough hot water for the largest of families and will also give you a means of cooking in various ways.

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Most conventional fires are built around a welded metal box, which then have some type of heat storage bricks put inside, these metal boxes go through a huge amount of stress every time they heat up and cool down which results in them fracturing and cracking over time.  The Pyroclassic doesn't suffer from having a welded metal box at the heart of its structure as the fire is fully enclosed in the ceramic cylinder which has 6mm steel front and back plates bolted together at each end holding the cylinder in suspension and then the 10mm steel top plate sits on a floating gasket.  This arrangement allows all 3 steel surfaces to expand and contract without any stress or tension being placed on any part of the unit.

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Other than the Turboslide the Pyroclassic IV's air controls are all fully automatic, so the fire actually controls the rate at which oxygen is supplied to the wood fuel allowing it to maintain the right burn temperatures for a complete secondary combustion (also known as gasification), this ensures that the glass stays clean right through the burn cycle.  If you were manually able to dampen the fire down, like you can with most other wood fires, this is when the real harm is done to the environment as tars and poisonous unburnt gasses are released into the air.

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Your Pyroclassic IV can be fitted with coloured panels, you can choose from over 100 colours and can mix and match! Change your mood, change your colour, your Pyroclassic can change with you.


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The Pyroclassic IV has a 10mm thick steel top plate which provides an excellent surface for cooking, you can boil the kettle, slow cook the casserole, roast the joint and even bake the bread.  To increase the versatility of the cook top plate you can also use the optional cook top oven which comes with a handy trivet and an embroidered oven mitt.

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The high output wetback is located in the upper chamber of the fire so that it sits clear of the combustion zones and receives the full heat of the gases once they have gone through the secondary combustion phase. The wetback is designed to give maximum surface area to ensure that it will provide up to 3.7kW of hot water for all your domestic needs, this amount of hot water is like boiling the electric jug constantly!






Pyroclassic IV  (any colour)...$3,890.00pyroclassic  a


Rear Wall Shield...$199.00

Corner Wall Shield...$299.00

Additional Colour Panels...$350.00

Hot Water Jacket...$499.00

Top Oven...$330.00

Wood Box and Hearth...$690.00

Mini Wood box Plinth...$590.00

Log Rack...$399.00

Pyroclassic Eco Flue Kit...690.00


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