All gas fires should be installed by an accredited tradesman in accordance with local codes if any or to ANSI Z223.1 – 1992 and NFPA 54(88) and the requirements listed in the owners manual. All wood heater installations should be carried out by a licensed tradesman in accordance with AS 2918.

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Herschel Colorado Medium Infrared Heater- BLACK

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The zero maintenance 2.5kW Herschel COLORADO with its classic, tasteful and sleek design is a powerful, electric space heater made to the highest quality. Suitable in appearance for both domestic and commercial settings with its smart, black, aluminium powder coated finish, the COLORADO, part of Herschel’s SUNSET range, has an IP rating of IP55 so is ideal for heating both covered and uncovered outdoor areas that are relatively sheltered from airflow such as bar, restaurant and café terraces. It also provides an excellent solution for heating those large, hard to heat, draughty indoor spaces such as public halls, workshops and loading bays. With a warm up time of 5-10 seconds, the ultra-long life carbon heating lamp of the COLORADO, with a bulb life of up to 10,000 hours, quickly produces an effective feeling of comfortable warmth. Silent in operation, the COLORADO can be operated with or without a remote control; the heater incorporates a remote bypass. The remote control provides 4 power settings (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%) and can be timer controlled for up to 24 hours. Ideal for those looking for a discreet and easy to control solution that provides an instant and powerful heat with a warm and comforting glow, but who do not want the glare and invasive light produced by most quartz halogen heaters available. The COLORADO can be both wall and ceiling mounted (see mounting diagram) and is quick and simple to install. Alternatively, it can be fixed to a portable stand enabling it to become a free-standing heater, offering further flexibility as to its positioning (Colorado incorporates anti-tilt device, mounting guidelines must still be adhered to). Leading the way in stylish outdoor living, the Herschel COLORADO offers an efficient and environmentally friendly way to ensure quick, clean and effective warmth. For larger detailed commercial projects we would always recommend Herschel carry out a survey or detailed desktop assessment.


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Power Rate: 2500W

Dimensions: W 880mm x H 195mm x D 85mm.

Made in Germany

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