All gas fires should be installed by an accredited tradesman in accordance with local codes if any or to ANSI Z223.1 – 1992 and NFPA 54(88) and the requirements listed in the owners manual. All wood heater installations should be carried out by a licensed tradesman in accordance with AS 2918.

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Escea TC950 Inbuilt Wood Fireplace

From $6,499.00

Pricing for Fireplace Box only. FLUE KIT, ZERO CLEARANCE BOX and ACCESSORIES are sold separately.


Strong clean lines, a large viewing window and better home performance – this inbuilt wood fireplace was made for the minimalists. A pared back aesthetic makes way for a large firebox for a maximised display of flames. But it’s more than just a pretty face. Unlike most wood fireplaces, the TC950 benefits from Escea’s Direct Vent Technology – an innovation based on 20 years of experience now debuted in Escea’s wood fireplaces. It also features a built-in heat-activated Smart Fan for a more efficient heating. The Escea TC950 pushes the boundaries of wood fire design with a sleek minimalist finish that blurs the lines between the wall and the flames. For certain installation types, Escea also provides a Zero Clearance Kit to streamline the install process and make installing an Escea wood fireplace as easy as possible.


Builder & Architect Sheet


Installation Manual
  • Heat output: 150-220 m2
  • Viewing dimensions: W940mm x H449mm
  • Overall dimensions: W1050mm x H746mm x D423mm
  • Efficiency: 62%
  • Emissions: 1.0 g/kg
  • Construction: Steel with Vermiculite lining, built-in fan
  • Optional extras: Zero Clearance Box
  • Flue Size: 6″ active.
  • Flue Type: Natural Draught – Direct Vent
  • Made in New Zealand

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